How To Fill TCS Timesheet

You can learn about how to fill TCS timesheet daily, Members of the project can track their daily time consumption using the timesheet module. The project management module allows for the recording of time against either allocated or unassigned tasks. Tasks that are associated with a project specified in the project management module but do … Read more


Project Readiness Assessment is called PRA and TCS PRA Exam is important for every TCS new employee. After joining TCS, employees are required to do training, and after completing technical training, they must pass the PRA Exam in TCS in order to be eligible to participate in projects. TCS PRA Exam Pattern I’m not sure … Read more

TCS Cyber Security Course

TCS Cyber Security Course also covers Cybersecurity as the process of preventing theft, damage, and unauthorized access to computer systems, networks, and data. In a time when governments and companies significantly rely on digital infrastructure, any cybersecurity incident might have disastrous repercussions. Also, Read TCS’s other blog: TCS Categories TCS Bus Service TCS Cab Facility … Read more

Generative Ai E0 Assessment Answers

Generative Ai E0 Assessment Answers, often referred to as the “artificial imagination,” have their roots in the field of machine learning. It encompasses a diverse range of models and algorithms designed to generate new data that closely resembles human-created content. Also, Read TCS’s other blog: TCS Categories TCS Bus Service TCS Cab Facility Can We … Read more

SUI Blockchain Price Prediction

The SUI Blockchain Price Prediction is strongly recovering from its record lows and exhibiting strong bullish reversal indications. One of the most popular layer 1 platforms introduced in 2023 is SUI Blockchain Price. The idea was introduced in May 2023 amid considerable anticipation. However, the price fell by 77% in August following an early rise … Read more

Infosys Maternity Leave Policy USA Supporting Working Mothers

The Infosys Maternity Leave Policy USA, commonly referred to as family leave, is governed in the US by both federal and state law. If they work for a firm with 50 or more workers, the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA) mandates that parents of newborn or recently adopted children take 25 weeks … Read more

Resignation Process in TCS

In the Resignation Process in TCS, the employee notifies their employer of their desire to depart the organization through the formal process of resigning. This point in time calls for professionalism and sensitivity. This procedure includes a number of stages that help the employee and the business transition smoothly. It is not only about filing … Read more